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Here you`ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What is the required room size for Billiard, Pool, Snooker Tables?

Table Size
  • 6’ x 3
  • 7’ x 3’6”
  • 8’ x 4’
  • 9’ x 4’6”
  • 10’ x 5’
  • 12’ x 6’
Room Size Imperial
  • 15’ x 12’
  • 16’ x 12’6”
  • 17’ x 13’
  • 18’ x 13’6”
  • 19’ x 14’
  • 21’ x 15’
Rooms size Metric
  • 4.70 x 3.66
  • 4.87 x 3.81
  • 5.18 x 3.96
  • 5.48 x 4.11
  • 5.80 x 4.27
  • 6.40 x 4.70
Room measurement set to 4’ 6” / 1370mm standard cue.

What is the required room size for Billiard, Pool, Snooker Tables?

Strong brushing in the direction of the cloth is required to lay the pile down and this should be done after every session of play and more often if required. Brushing the table in this way cleans the table of any foreign matter or excess chalk. Vacuuming will be unnecessary except in case of an accident or long term neglect and should always be followed by brushing

  • Early in the life of the cloth its silky sheen will highlight every irregularity in the fibers. Do not concern much if finger marks or fold marks from the roll of material do not disappear easily. With use and regular brushing the sheen on the cloth will become less intense and the highlighted marks will blend into the background.
  • Please ensure that cloth wears as even as possible. Break from a different position in the `D` area. Load the triangle frame and position it from a different location on the table. Practice set of shots from those different locations.
  • Don`t put too much chalk on the cue tip, particularly before the break.
  • Don`t slam the ball down hard, particularly in the `D` area.
  • Don`t practice fancy shots unless you know how to accomplish them.
  • Don`t throw the balls from one end to the other or cause them to leave the table.
  • Don`t use the table to put washing, shopping, craftwork or general dumping.
  • Do use a silicon free furniture polish to care for the woodwork (available from supermarkets).
  • Do use a cover to protect the cloth and polished surfaces from the sun to avoid fading
  • Don`t overload net pockets by leaving the balls in them between sessions of play.
  • Please ensure that belt buckles, signet rings, watches and other jewellery items do not come in contact with the polished surfaces.

Take a little extra care of your billiard/pool table and you will experience many years of enjoyment.

We do offer lay-bys. For more information contact Adam on 0430716830

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